Saturday, 29 September 2007

Flower Show Rules

1. The Judges' decision will be Final.
2. All exhibits must be bonafide work of exhibitor.
3. Several  exhibits  per exhibitor are allowed
4. Notification of entry and fee of 25p per class must be received by the secretary not later than 12 noon on Friday 4th August.
5. No entries will be accepted after that date and time.
6. Exhibits must be clearly labelled with the class and the section numbers accompanied by a sealed envelope containing the competitor's name and address
7. Section 8 is confined to competitors resident in Trelawnyd.
8. The descriptions in schedule must be adhered to.
9. Staging of exhibits must be completed by 10.15am on Saturday August 5th
10.The "Crown Cup", "Trelawnyd Male Voice Choir Cup" and "Hoggarth Cup" will be awarded on the basis of three points for first prize and one point for second prize in each class.
11.The committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage from any cause. All reasonable care will be taken to safeguard exhibits.
12.No exhibits to be removed before 4.30pm
13.All cups to be returned July 1st 2017
14.All Children (school year 6 and under) will gain Free Entry in section 7. Name and age on back of work.
15.Entries for Section 8 to be received no later than Sat July 9th
16.It would be appreciated if the winners engraved their own cups


Mindo said...

Okay John, I found the category I'd like to enter which is: 67. A HAND KNITTED ARTICLE

Would you mind emailing me at my address to let me know how to enter? Thanks so much!

John Gray said...

I have left a message on your blog site xxxxx

Mindo said...

Hi John,
Thanks very much but I don't have a blog site!

John Gray said...

Ok... Bugger
Email me on

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...


This all sounds like a very serious business.

The UN is looking for a new secretary general and organising all this and running those rules may give you a fine CV for that.